Adult Gymnastics
Everything you did as a kid! Tumbling, flipping, handstands,
cartwheels, contortion, etc.
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Advanced Pole
This class is for highly skilled pole dancers. You must be alble to aerial
shoulder mount, handsrping, etc to attend this class.
Beginner - Intermediate Pole
Beginner and Intermediate level students are welcome in this class.
Butts N' Gutts
Work those Abs and Booty's in this sweat dripping workout.
Cirque de Flaunt
Everything Aerial! This class offers Aerial Silks and Pole Combo,
Aerial Silks, Lyra and Pole!
Climbing and Inverting
Learn different ways to climb and invert on the pole. Key techniques
and conditioning will help you master it!
Strenthen, tighten, tone and condition your body for just about
anything imaginable!
Open Gym
This class is desgined for students to come in and freely use our Gym
equipment! Kettle Bells, Barbells, Free Weights, Yoga Equipment,
Bosu Balls, Jump Ropes, Hula Hoops, Stretch Walls, etc.
Everything Aerial - All Level
Learn everyting from the basics to extreme tricks on our Aerial Silks and Lyra.
A heart pounding workout cross between Pilates and Boxing.
Pole Choreography
This class is designed to help you flow through a routine smoothly!
Learn how to transition into moves to make your routine look super sexy!
Seductive Dance-Floor Work
Everything SEXY! Learn Sexy Sexy routines using the Pole, Floorwork and
Sometimes Chairs! Leg Warmers and/or Knee Pads and High Heels are a
MUST for this class!!!!!
Get your heart pounding and body moving in this action packed, non-stop
class! Getting down to todays hottest hits, Pinki adds a different kind of
flare to this class. It's not your typical Zumba class, you will NOT be bored!!!
Yoga For Pole
Yoga moves designed to help with flezibility and strength both on
and off the Pole.
Vinyasa Yoga
Learn how to link your body movement with your breath.
Beginner Pole
This class is for beginner students only (10 classes or less).
Intermediate Pole
All intermediate students are welcome to this class.
You must be inverting consistently to attend this class.
Intermediate/Advanced Pole
All intermediate and advanced level students are welcome to this class.
Open Pole
This class is designed for current students to freely work on pole moves
previously learned in class. Please do NOT attend this class if you have
never taken a pole class before! You must have attend at least 5 pole
classes prior to attent this class.
Buti Yoga
A cross between Cardio/ Tribal Dance with a Yoga Flow!
Non-stop action packed- this class will leave you dripping wet!!!
All Level Pole
All levels of students are welcome to attent this class- even First Timers!

Cross Stretch